Thursday, June 6, 2013


We had a bad storm Wednesday night with really heavy rain high winds and of course lightning and thunder.  The storm I think was pretty damn awesome but overall.. we got hammered. After the storm we still had high winds with winds at any where between 50 and 80 MPH (80 and 128 km/h). Damage was every where mainly caused by high winds. Some trees were uprooted, some windows got blown out cuz of all the crap flying around, some fences got blown down, I'd heard on the police radio part of a bridge collapsed but no one was under it I guess at the time it happened. A gas pump roof thingy at a gas station collapsed on some cars. Didn't hear if any one got hurt in that one. Then lastly... a roof collapsed at some motel. Guests were evaced out. Didn't hear if any one was injured there either. Some areas of town lost power and didn't get it back until late afternoon early evening today. Traffic lights were out at various locations and a few were out at a few locations at my drive to work and from work (which from work really surprised me cuz it should've been up by then).
 My house.. fortunately didn't suffer any damage and didn't lose power unlike other areas. All in all despite all the damage.. it was an awesome storm

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