Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sixth day of travel

Today we went into the mountains. Took a bit to get there though. First we toured a supposedly haunted hotel. No paranormal activity happened while there hence being supposedly haunted. Probably wouldn't stay there by myself. After a while all the paranormal stuff starts to get weird. After that we ate lunch and drove further into the mountains. Saw an elk and a little ground squirrel type thingie. We drove to the top of a mountain stopping occasionally to get pics and stuff we topped out at 12K150ft or so which was at the top of the mountain. Little surprised I didn't get altitude sickness that high up. After that we went home. The fires here are still going. The big Black Forest fire is about 5% contained. So far the news people say 360 homes are burned but I think the count is lower than that. Also in a different turn of events 2 people have now died trying to flee.  Of course there's still smoke in the air but it was less noticeable today than yesterday. Hopefully our road home is still open tomorrow for the drive back home

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