Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"Nothin going on...........as usual"

Nothing exciting is going on.  The views have changed. dramatically since last time. Here they are as follows..
1. US- 107 views
2. Russia- 57 views
3. Kuwait- 16 views
4. Germany- 4 views
5. France- 3 views
6. Brazil, Japan South Korea and Saudi Arabia- each with 2 views
7. Argentina- 1view
8 Bosnia and Herzegovina (as listed)- 1 view

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sixth day of travel

Today we went into the mountains. Took a bit to get there though. First we toured a supposedly haunted hotel. No paranormal activity happened while there hence being supposedly haunted. Probably wouldn't stay there by myself. After a while all the paranormal stuff starts to get weird. After that we ate lunch and drove further into the mountains. Saw an elk and a little ground squirrel type thingie. We drove to the top of a mountain stopping occasionally to get pics and stuff we topped out at 12K150ft or so which was at the top of the mountain. Little surprised I didn't get altitude sickness that high up. After that we went home. The fires here are still going. The big Black Forest fire is about 5% contained. So far the news people say 360 homes are burned but I think the count is lower than that. Also in a different turn of events 2 people have now died trying to flee.  Of course there's still smoke in the air but it was less noticeable today than yesterday. Hopefully our road home is still open tomorrow for the drive back home

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fifth day of travel

Today we went to an air and space museum where they had a bunch of mainly old jet planes like the P-80 and the F4 phantom and others that aren't in US service any more. (Can't speak for other countries) then later on in he day we went to baseball game. The home team lost unfortunately, although there were some good plays by both teams.  The wind must've changed direction because it was all hazy and stuff from the fire in CO springs, CO. smoke was so bad you couldn't see the mountains off to the west like you're suppose to, and it smelled like a fire too..  Last I heard the Black Forest fire (official name for it) has burned down 92 houses. No deaths or injuries from what I've heard so far. Hopefully it gets put out soon and won't effect the drive home.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fourth day of travel

Today we went the aquarium. It was kinda disappointing because there wasn't much there.  Although there was tiger which is kinda odd for an aquarium for fish.  Came home and layer around the house. My uncle comes and tells us of a wild fire about 45-50 miles to the south and kind of on our route home. We'll see if the road is open on Friday to get home. Went out about 10 miles or so to get pics of the smoke (still well away from the fire and all) after getting some pics of the smoke plume which I haven't figured out to put on here yet. (If I figure it out I'll add them). Tomorrow we're going to the air and space museum which should be pretty cool.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Third day of travel

Today we went to a natural history museum which was pretty interesting. They had exhibits about ancient Egypt and outer space and the planets.  Then there was the other exhibits with all the ancient animals like the dinosaurs and the mammoths and other animals that don't exist any more.  Tomorrow I think we're going to an aquarium thingy to see live animals. Should be fun.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Second day of travel

Didn't do much today. Went to a flea market where they had all kinds of stuff.  I ate a chocolate croissant from here. It was a regular croissant but it was stuffed with chocolate and had chocolate on it.  Then I sampled some kind Lebonese thingy. It was some type of bread stuffed with 99% pure hamburger. (If any one knows what this is please comment) they had a spinach one too but I don't like spinach so I got he hamburger one. It certainly tasted different probably cuz of the hamburger. After that we had lunch then went home and stayed around being lazy. The excitement should start tomorrow.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

First day of travel

Today obviously as the title says was the first day of travel. Traveled by car for about 11 hours. It was a good drive. I drove most of the way except for in New Mexico. We did drive by Capulin which is an extinct volcano. Pretty interesting to look at. Other then that nothing else happened today

Friday, June 7, 2013

Road Trip

Well... looks like I'll be going to Colorado after all. It'll be me and two of my aunts going. We'll be traveling by car..it'll take a while but it should be fun. I'll see if I can get this updated through my phone. If not.. see y'all in a week.
-------update: 0012 Hours-------

Was able to get in through my phone. Will update when i can.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


We had a bad storm Wednesday night with really heavy rain high winds and of course lightning and thunder.  The storm I think was pretty damn awesome but overall.. we got hammered. After the storm we still had high winds with winds at any where between 50 and 80 MPH (80 and 128 km/h). Damage was every where mainly caused by high winds. Some trees were uprooted, some windows got blown out cuz of all the crap flying around, some fences got blown down, I'd heard on the police radio part of a bridge collapsed but no one was under it I guess at the time it happened. A gas pump roof thingy at a gas station collapsed on some cars. Didn't hear if any one got hurt in that one. Then lastly... a roof collapsed at some motel. Guests were evaced out. Didn't hear if any one was injured there either. Some areas of town lost power and didn't get it back until late afternoon early evening today. Traffic lights were out at various locations and a few were out at a few locations at my drive to work and from work (which from work really surprised me cuz it should've been up by then).
 My house.. fortunately didn't suffer any damage and didn't lose power unlike other areas. All in all despite all the damage.. it was an awesome storm

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Most views

Nothing special has happened over the weekend so I decided I'd share the "most views" on this so far..
1. United States- 56 views- In all honesty that's probably mostly me.. XD
2. Russia- 17 views- Don't know any one in Russia but thanks for reading my boring shit any way
3. Kuwait- 4 views-  Pretty sure I know who that is
4. South Korea- 1 views-  Poor guy probably got lost. Thanks for reading though