Thursday, May 30, 2013

Employee Banquet/Dinner

Tonight we had our Employee Banquet/Dinner thing.  For a first time attendee.. it was pretty fun. the most important part was definately the food.

Appetizers: there was stuffed peppers which are jalapeno peppers cut in half long ways with the seeds taken out. stuffed with cream cheese, wrapped in bacon and baked until the bacon is done.  Then there was the shrimp.. The shrimp was frickin huge.. I swear they had to have been given steroids or something. There was the regular shrimp and then they had shrimp and half a jalapeno wrapped in bacon and I guess baked until the bacon was done. It was really yummy.

Then there was the salad.. it was your typical salad nothing too special about it. then the main meal deal came out.. There was some kind of beef with some kind of gravy on top which was pretty good even with the gravy. there was also what looked like stuffed chicken? I wasn't quite sure what it was stuffed with so I didn't eat that one. then there was the potatoes.. took bite and they didn't taste like a potato should taste and didn't any more after that.

And then the dessert.. lets be honest.. everybody's  favorite part of the meal. The one in front of me was some kind pie with maybe pecans? or some kind of nut all over the top of it. I'm not a nut fan. I don't like nuts.....period. so I took a dessert from the empty place next to me that no one would've cared about. That one was a chocolate round what can be best described as a tall cup cake it was about 2 1/2 to 3 inches tall and about the size of a cup cake. It was really yummy. If you like chocolate.. this would've been for you because it had a really strong chocolate taste to it and the
bottom of the plate was covered in chocolate syrup.

Then there was the awards.   Some how I got Employee of the year. I  think there is some kind of a mistake there. Overall despite what I still think is a mistake.. it was good experience and hope to do again.

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